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October 07, 2012


Man Who Made Fake Dead Cat Insurance Claim to Be Sentenced; May Have Tried Same Stunt with Fake Dead Parrot

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That pussy is bleeding demised.

Didn't the Fake Dead Parrots open for the RBR's?

Note that when the little slide-over screen appears, the use of eye-bleach may be required.

A lady takes her parrot to the Vet. The Vet takes one look and says, "I'm afraid your parrot is dead."
"That's terrible," says the woman, "How can you know that. You haven't examined it or anything."
The Vet heaves a long-suffering sigh, places the parrot on the examination table, opens the door and whistles. At this, a labrador dog bounds into the room, hops up onto the table, sniffs at the parrot, looks up and shakes its head sadly. Then the Vet gives another whistle and a cat comes into the room, springs up onto the table, sniffs the parrot and then shakes its head sadly.
"Well I'm terribly sorry Mrs Jones but there can be no doubt about it. Polly is dead."
"Well, it's devastating news but thank you. How much do I owe you?"
"That will be $650 please."
"How much?" cried the woman in shock. "That's far too much money!"
"Well it's your own fault," Said the Vet, "If you had believed me in the
first place it would only have been $25.
But you insisted on a Lab report and a Cat scan."

I am stunned we made it this far into the comments without one reference to the old dead cat on the piano joke.

Let's see Schrodinger build a new quantum theory out of this one.

Sorry I'm LTTG, wing' ...

So ... y'all know the old joke about the dead cat on the piano ... that means I don't hafta repeat it here ... right?

How about the "parakeet" joke frum Ray Stevens? Y'all know that one?

I want to change my war name. "Man Who Made Fake Dead Cat Insurance Claim" sounds better.

He's not dead, he's sleeping.

This is just too easy.

Bring out your dead!

'e's not dead, he's pining for teh fjords....
and who says comedy has not impact on society...

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