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October 18, 2012


Ernest Is Making A Comeback

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I predict audiences will stay away in droves.

Ernest must be turning over in his grave.

I smell turkey

I don't know what's worse. This or the story on the same page about Jumanji being remade

Several yards beneath the bottom of the barrel.

Steel cage death match: Barry Manilow vs. Ernest.

Who wins and who cares?

*loads shotgun*

"a new chapter that lies somewhere between not sucking and Earth-shatteringly funny"

I'd settle just for not sucking. Know whut I mean?

Pug puppies, Ford79 ?

Thank Gawd! I thought it was another Barry TRICK to make us see Manilow.

Oh brother the son of Ernest. Just what the world needs.

Vern ?

They really have nothing new from the old wooden television generator, do they?

Son of Edgar ..

Remaking Earnest doesn't scare me as much as the thought that an Earnest remake beat out. What comes after this when Hollyweird needs a new idea?

A remake of a remake, max ... merely sayin' ...

This isn't going to work unless they bring in the son of Zippy too.

I thought he was pretty good in "The Beverly Hillbillies".
But I'll drink Starbucks if it's the only coffee around, so my tastes may be questioned.

My favorites were Ernest Goes Postal and Ernest Goes to Gitmo.

ernest goes flathead?

Ernest Goes to Washington

Ernest has a SON. Contemplate THAT and see if it doesn't put you off porn forever.

I think ligirl is onto something here. As usual.

I'm not Wilde about this idea.

Know what I mean?


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