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October 16, 2012


Shoes with teeth.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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wow. those are awesome.

Jimmy Chews?

CAP toes?

Gold teeth? Really? Isn't the "pimp" fad dead yet?

haaaaa meanie.
those are scary.

A few years back, we were at an outside dining area with our old German Shepherd. A little German-speaking girl really wanted to pet the dog, but was timid (since the dog was bigger than she was.) She finally drew back, saying something to her father. He translated for us: "She says, 'There's teeth in there.'"

They really put their foot in their mouth this time.

i scuffed my shoes.

did you dentures?

Snork @ Meanie.

*Gets ligirl some shoe polish*
*And some Crest*

*not recommended for use by gumshoes

Think what Ben Vereen could do with these babies ? (I almost said Fred Astaire but that would show my age....actually Ben Vereen kinda shows my age)

That's funny.. Gold teeth too. (Ha, ha)

Joe Biden shoes.

The bridges will have arches.

I want some; is that bad?

Since they're dress shoes, I could wear them to job interviews. Think of the impression I'd make!

What's the cost? Are they buck/tooth shoes?

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