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October 18, 2012


How the shape of a man's urine stream can diagnose prostate problems

(Thanks to Matt Filar, who says, "I wonder what you use to measure it.")


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*trying to arc one in from the 3-point zone*

Clean-up on aisle 3!!

I think we all know what the blog guys will be doing today.

Eh, we do that every day Cindy.

Yes, but can he write his name in the snow?

Fine, but let's not getting into a p!ssing contest over this.

One could laser it, like they do to determine the distance of home runs. You'd need to be able to do it with one hand though.

"Greater Love hath no woman, than to measure her mans stream." (Shakespeare)

The shape of the stream? What about the angle of the dangle?

Seriously, I had the test done once at a urologist's office. At least I think this was the same test. You drink a lot of liquid before the test. Then you stand next to a portable wall that tilts backwards maybe about 20 degrees. Then you pee while pictures are taken. (I got a nice long arc, I must say.) Then those pictures go all over the internet. [JK] I cannot remember how the urine was caught for disposal -- I was more concerned with keeping my balance on the tilting wall.

Instead of using my real name, I'll just use a pseudonym today.

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