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October 12, 2012


Land of Tradition

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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USA is my land of tradition

And you can make it self-inflating by eating beans!

For a moment there, I was afraid someone had gotten film of me about 4pm last Thanksgiving.

He used to work for Mitch Miller

The Emperor will not be pleased.


Reminds me of a certain South Park episode ...

Good one, poker! But only us geezers will get it.

ubetcha, you mean this one? Bouncing balls NSFW

anime enema?

(i dunno - jes kinda fun to say)

Impressive! But remember we did it first.

Japanese folk are so staid and controlled, for them it's a laugh riot to see their own acting like an American politician.

Did you hear about the sushi bar that's open to lawyers only?

It's called "Sosumi".

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