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October 08, 2012


One week after setting an Atlantic Canada record at the Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers Association weigh-in in Waterville with a 733-kilogram gourd, Ansems broke the record again Saturday with a 783.4-kilogram pumpkin that captured the 28th annual Wind­sor Pumpkin Festival weigh-in.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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He then went to the new "Running of the Pumpkins Festival" and was promptly gourd to death.

You should see his kids...

I also bet he has a collie, named Melon...

*snork* @ pirateboy

is it me, or does this picture seem to fit in with the whole 'tanning/orange-octo-giant-pregnant-mom' theme on the blog today??

We're gonna need a bigger pie pan ...

and a bigger oven ...

What a smashing pumpkin. Well done, old chap.

A kilogram? That's like 6/10ths of a mile, right?

Almost, Cap' ... yer thinkin' of the boilin' point of water ... but ya gotta add thirty to the total ...

Wow ! Lady Gaga heaves, Chavez wins and a record pumpkin... I can't get my mind around all this news.

I thought it was only "The Beiber" who heaved, but what do I know?

Welcome aboard, "Captain"! Sorry yer' dingy is so tiny....

Her too, PirateBoy.

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