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October 24, 2012


Man Apparently Surprised to Learn He Had 102 Pounds of Pot in the Car

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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102 "pounds" ... he prolly wuz confused becuz he's used to dealin' in metric amounts ...

If USPS came up with a special rate for drug deliveries, it'd probably solve all their financial problems.

The line of questioning by the police probably went:

"Sir, you have 250 pounds of pot in your vehicle."

"Sir, what are you going to do with 102 pounds of pot in your vehicle?"

I say 102lbs would be a big surprise

No way! I thought those were just bags of green confetti.

You mean it's not oregano?

hey! you know that stuff makes a person forgetful. or so i've been told.

Son of a gun ... you know, I thought the mileage had gone to hell! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Can I go now?

more from the 'apparently surprised' files....

(good gawd - who's more apparently skanky?)

"In the TRUNK? Oh man, I was wondering where that went..."

Living proof of short-term memory loss.

ligirl, please send me some eyebleach. *shudder*

I can explain. It's not my car.

Wait, I mean, er, ....

I found a $20 in my jacket pocket one Fall when I got it out of storage, so I can see...
Think that'll work for him?

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