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October 12, 2012


Extremely Crunchy: Re-Usable Toilet Paper

Key Quote: "I cut up a stack of my husband’s old shirts, using pinking sheers so the edges wouldn’t fray."


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Reusable toilet paper that's gross.

Soft? Yes! But those pinked edges tickle.

As with most men, I have no "old shirts". Just those with more experience.

Yes Theresa, very.

Anyway, wouldn't it have been more appropriate to use her husband's old shorts?

...and easy on the starch, please

so Re-usable Toilet paper woman had an affair with Used Enema Guy -

She tried to lie to her husband about the douchebag, butt he said
'That's a load of shirt'!

No shirt, Sherlock.

How is the water heated to wash these "environmentally friendly" shitrags?

>>...think about family cloth. Homemade. Cut from an old cotton sheet, a flannel shirt, a terry cloth towel...<<

... your ex's wedding dress, your " Obama '08 " t-shirt, your old Nehru jacket...

*snork* @ Clankie -


the shirt will hit the fanny?

Very good, lgirl!

I vote we wipe the slate clean... You all can go first!

Nehru collar shirts can be made with two breast pockets as well as with a single breast pocket. Nehru shirt is closed at the neck by a button.

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