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October 07, 2012


"Both victims were able to provide a detailed description of the defendant's penis and both advised they were offended by his actions," the deputy wrote in his arrest report.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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New headline: "Abuse rate of nitroglycerin explodes!"

Memorable Pen!s opened for the Fake Dead Parrots.

I'd be more worried he was carrying a bomb than accurately describing his weiner.

They were so offended that they took the time to note all the details.....?

Just what was this guy looking to buy?

I hope they don't have to identify said member in a police line up or in court.

" ... detailed description ... "

So ... it wuz as clean as it wuz when it wuz new? Wuz it also waxed and buffed?

If you've seen one, you want to see them all have seen them all.

Seriously I can't for the life of me figure out why someone would expose himself like this. Did he want to see a reaction or what.

I think he was so high, he took a leak and forgot he was still hanging in the breeze.

Dick, dick, goose.You're it.

Well, Theresa, my totally uninformed opinion is that it's either shock value or bragging.
And I doubt he was bragging.

I'd go with the thot frum Loud' ... either a MAJOR "senior moment" ... or his brain's been fried by sum "recreational" pharmaceuticalness ...

I'm still trying to figure out what details would be included in said detailed description.

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