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October 11, 2012


Restaurant removes urinals shaped like woman's mouth

(Thanks to Bill Moore and Fast Eddie)


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Don't ask what the hand sink looks like

Would a woman who works at a brasserie be a brassière ?


This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of the urinals.

First thing I thought of was the opening credits to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The "reporter" seems to have a ... complex? ... of sum sort ... usin' "mysogyny" (and derivatives) four times in one story story ...

Either tryin' to impress with eruditionalness, or merely found a bunch of old Reader's Digests and been studyin' the "It pays to increase yer werd power" features ...

But the positing argument remains valid, despite the reptitionalization ...

I'm waiting for Mr. Language Person to explain the definition of "mysogyny".

Since he's prolly busy, n'cin' ... I'll attempt a clarification ...

Mysogyny ... a collquial spelling variation of a feminine name ... "Miss (or Ms) Ophelia Virginia" would be a reasonable guess that might possibly represent this person's nomenclature, pronunciationalness of which is softened and slurred a bit by vernacularyocityism by folks living south of the Mason-Dixon line.

I thought these things were funny for about a thousandth of a second the first time I saw one. Since then, I've just thought they were tiresome. A classic example of not thinking things through on the part of the designer and anyone who ever contemplates installing one. And ncin...I'm sure your thought was dead bang on the money, although it doesn't make those urinals any more tolerable.
On the other hand (I have four fingers and a thumb...wait, what?) I recently saw a pic of a urinal made from an old euphonium, and I thought that was great.

Oh, and...OtheU, is "collquial" a colloquial spelling of colloquial?

How can you tell they are women's mouths?
Because they are open?

Larry you may want to duck.

They have very large teeth. I think I can hold it.

Blown expression of art.

Dmentd ... not if y'all can blame lack of coffee and clumsy fingers ... which I will ... becuz they's not here to defend their ownselfs ...

1. How can you tell those are the mouths of women and not men?
(which brings me to two)
2. The only time I've seen someone wearing orange lipstick, he was a drag queen.

*snork* @ all you potty mouths :P

Wait -- the article says they are removing two urinals, but the picture shows three of them. Is this a typically Sydney attempt to be politically correct?

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