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October 12, 2012


An appeals court has reversed the bribery conviction of a Chicago zoning inspector on grounds the value of two $600 payoffs he received weren't high enough.

(Thanks to William Price)


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*wipes tear from eye*

I love Chicago. Proper pizza. Combo sandwiches with gardenera. Judges who see the big picture (the one with Ben Franklin).

Wonder what the price of the reversal was. Probably more than $1200.

I passed one construction site where a person who parks his car next to mine was looking at something odd in one corner of the excavation.

"A $200 bribe should get that ignored," I said. "Much more than that and the inspectors will wonder what's so important that they need to ignore."

A guy standing next to the person I knew spent the next couple of days expressing his concern to anyone who would listen. When I heard about the blowback from my joking comment, I apologized to the person I knew.

"It's fine. He's the head of HR. He deserves it," noting that without any prompting the rest of the people in their organization joined in my statement.

We are proud of our corruption in Chicago. $1200 is way, way too little.

*Snork* at the irony of "William Price"

People who give in graft cases shouldn't trust Owens.

its honest graft after all. dishonest graft woulld be if you got 20 grand and put it in your freezer. for 600 bucks, you were just making sure your peeps in the neighborhood got some service they shoulda got in the first place...

Laughing My Aphorism Off at Ralph.

Good one, MTB. And Ralph.

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