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October 24, 2012


"Don't tell Judi..."

(Thanks, wiredog)


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I think I need to update my supply order due by the end of the month.

Reminds me of the time I built a crossbow out of bits laying around the office. The young airman working for me ridiculed it...

...until I fired a paper airplane bolt into the wall.

I used to keep a broadsword on the wall in Quality Control, too. (Hey, USAF is supposedly part of the armed forces.)

They wouldn't need to improvise if they wuzn't so picky about CC on the job ... merely sayin' ...

Paper cutters are wicked. Letter openers are nasty. And don't even bring up staplers.

We won't . . .

easier to just eat chipotle's for lunch...


I can kill with just a power cord.

Pffft! I don't need no stinking power cord.

You notice it doesn't say anything about the bio-hazard in the fridge down the hall.

So lame-- guess the publication feared a lawsuit if they provided plans for actual effective weapons.

Swivel chairs only seem to be good for attempted suicides. Seen a few of those.

Suicidal Swivel Chairs wbagnfa punk rock band ...

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