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October 04, 2012


Woman with goatee wanted in Kmart theft

(Thanks to David Elwart)


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If this woman has a goatee she's probably hormonal. Plus she has a handgun. It might be in their best interests to leave her alone.

They made their getaway in a Ford Escape.

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of goats in the news lately? Are they teaming up with the squirrels?

If you get gored by a goatee, it leaves you with an ouchee.

yeah, i was going for a goat joke myself. ....

She stole an entire Kmart? Yikes.

@Jan - yes - the total haul is valued at $19.95

@Markhh --
That's retail. Wait for the Black Friday price of $11.99

Who doesn't want a woman with a goatee? Yowza!

You never can trust the goatees.

They were boosting clothes; maybe they meant a To-Go Tee.

Now it's a red-and-blue light special.

♫ Odl lay he?!?! Odl lay she??!?!! Odl lay he-she??!?!!!, Odl lay EEEEE!!!!!!


Whew. For a second there I read that as "Woman with goatse".

(Note: Googling for "goatse" at work is a really bad idea.)

Prior to actually reading the story, I assumed that the perpetrator was Joan Rivers following her most recent facelift...

Is the circus in town again??

Wiredog: Googling "goatse" is a bad idea *anywhere*.

Of course, I would never fall for such a thing, so I'm not exactly sure about the details...

If she'd just gone down the street to Wally World she would have blended right in.

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