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October 18, 2012


...needs to see the video of Washington gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna dance Gangnam Style.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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As a person who has made a career of embarrassing his kids I'm sure Dave endorses this totally.

Sorry, but that white man canNOT dance. And since I've never even heard of Gangnam style, evidently I need a reserved seat on the Geezer bus.

ubetcha, I've heard of it - it's hard to avoid it if you surf the 'net - but I have managed to avoid watching any of the videos until now.

Thanks, Dave.

Nope. Haven't changed my mind.

Well, your Dad don't dance
And if he don't dance
He ain't no Gov of mine
Stupid dance, stupid dance, stooopid dance.

If that kid gets a buck from every 12-year-old who's been embarrassed by his parents, he'll have enough to pay Trump to shut up.

Your mama don't dance
And your daddy don't rock and roll
Your mama don't dance
And your daddy don't rock and roll
When evening comes around
And it's time to go to town
Where do you go
To rock and roll

He is following in the proud tradition of Al Gore - Gore killed the Macarena craze simply by doing it in public in a ball game. After all, what could be less cool than a lame politician dancing?

It's nice to see that a politician can do more than just tap dance.

Get down with your bad self Rob McKenna. Ya'll didn't know I could speak Jive did you?

Is there any chance that the Weinermobile could go to a junior high in Florida and have a Pulitzer Award winning artist dancing Gangham Style to post to the internet?

Mostly the task would be to distract the world from the election..

I can dance at LEAST as good as that, so I will definitely be running for gov next time.

Our dog, Joe, dances better than that at dinner time.

My cat dances Gangnam Style better than that! And I have the proof! My hubby and I had fun making a parody you can watch here:

And I want to see some tape of Dave and Judy doing their version, too!

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