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October 15, 2012


Giant Florida eyeball belonged to a swordfish, state says

(Thanks to jon harris)


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You just know that, at some point, the swordfish's momma said "You're gonna put an eye out with that thing!" to its brother.

Snork at Wiredog

*snork* @ wiredog -

"MOM!!! He called me SwordClops again!!!!"

I didn't laugh. Not one eye-ota.

That just means there is one ticked-off, eyepatch-sportin' swordfish swimmin' around out there.

(p.s. I saw the Sportin' Swordfish open for Dick Dale back in '66.)

snorks all the way around.
swordfish IS the password.

Let's see...a one-eyed guy who always has his sword with him.
Where have I seen this before?

Yar, that swordfish be swashbucklin' and talkin' like a pirate now.


A swordfish. Right. I smell a cover-up.

I thought it was HAL.

"I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afriad I can't do that."

Queensbee - Farside cartoon?

Don't most fish have an eye on each side of their head? If so, and they lost one, then wouldn't they be swimming around in circles?

Swords don't kill people...swordfish kill people.

**Snork explosion.
If we are taking a vote, the eyes have it.

I believe queensbee was quoting from a classic Marx Brothers movie.

If you don't remember it was Horse Feathers.

There is a scene where they ask Harpo the password and he pulls a fish from his coat and sticks a sword down its throat.

/goes to warm up the geezer bus


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