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October 18, 2012


Small frogs 'cheat' to get sex

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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The link: She no work.

It works now Cheesewiz. It took me a couple of times but it did come up. Men do the same thing when they tell a woman they're perfectly fine just being friends.

*Quiet Snork @ Dave*

There must be something wrong in this world when scientists spend their time researching these things. There are more important things. I suppose that they are paid big bucks for this too. Ridiculous.


If your name were "Loic Brepson," you'd be interested in finding alternative ways to get sex, too.

Bloody frogs. Er. Not the actual frogs - rather the Frenchmen. You understand....

"...in what role alternative reproductive tactics such as these 'parasitic tactics' might play."

Isn't another term for parasitic tactics known as dating?

Diva, I totally misread the article. I thought they WERE talking about Frenchmen.

It's called a "Codpiece" but it's really a...
Wait, let me read the article.
Never mind.

But only if they're in big puddles.


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