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September 07, 2012


Woman shoves Chihuahua down pants during dispute

(Thanks to Claire Martin and Unholy Slacker)


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If I had a dollar for every time I've shook my pants leg and had a Chihuahua fall out...

nursecindy, I'd rather shake my pants leg and have dollars fall out.

A modern version of the song: "Beans in my ears". Her mommy NEVER told her NOT to put chihuahua's in her pants.

Chihuahua Down Pants would be a good...no, it wouldn't. Never mind.

At least it was a puppy and not a poopy.
Hey, don't blame me. Look at some of the other stories today and deny it could happen.

The great thing about my moosedawg is that if you stuff him down your pants, well, actually, they will explode, so let's not even consider that possibility.

This is something only a woman would do. You won't catch a man shoving something with sharp teeth down the front of his pants.

Yo quiero taco...

If you do this, don't expect to make it past airport security

No, lady, I can't control the reaction in my pants.
It has a mind of it's own.

frederic1943, I'm very sorry that I have to prove you wrong. I won't - for everyone's sake - post video links.

So my mind was filled with wonder,
When the evening headlines read,
Richard Corey went home last night,
And stuck a poodle in his pants.

Credit: my cousin

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