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September 21, 2012


McDonald’s Calls Police On Man Dressed Up As The Burger King

(Thanls to Dan Barr)


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The hamburgler dosen't look anywhere near as creepy as the 'king'

Well, he had his way with them.

Guessing they gave him a full patty down at the police station. Who knows where he could have stached something?

But ... were the burgers squashed?

Great. Now I want a cheeseburger for supper.

Perfectly understandable. I hate that creepy guy as much as Pennywise or this guy.


You might want to use TinyURL to hide the address of your link.

Just sayin'...

If I were the Burger King, I would not wander through the wood during hunting season.

That dude is scary. I'd call the cops too.

There is only one fair way to settle this.
Ronald McDonald and the Burger King in a cage match.

Hope he wasn't there to show of his buns.

(Sorry, that joke didn't meat my standards)


Darn you, lack-of-autocorrect!

Does it still take two hands to handle his Whopper?


I wanted to give people a fair chance to check first.

Jeff, I knew what I would find but couldn't stop myself. I blame me.

Why is "king" drooling? Does he eat children and knows where to find them?

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