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September 17, 2012


Rat meat on the menu at the Vietnam border

(Thanks to jon harris)


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As we say in my family...one less for dinner.

Is there a potential market there for squirrels?

Or how about English Cuisine?

"A kilo of live rats costs US$2".

Why, when I was young, you could get 100 kilos of rats for 10 baht.

I can't decide. Is it:

Temporary lay offs.
Good times.
Rat meat on the menu.
Good times.


Rat meat on the menu.
Everybody knows that rat meat ain't allowed in school.

ligirl, we need a consultation.

Hey, I know they scurry in the shadows, take our possessions, and leave filth everywhere.
But I cannot recommend eating politicians.

I was at a business dinner in Hanoi a few years ago when the soup came around. A collegue of mine, also from the U.S. commented about the gamey taste of the meat in the soup. About that time, a lady across from us, a Vietnamese, commented about having the best rat soup she ever had. Needless to say our appetites went south.

Make a run for the border!

My students in China were minorities from the southern region. When the annual Anti-Rat Campaign came out, they were saddened at the loss of so much good food to being poisoned.

Apparently it tastes like chicken.

A different Asian rat meet.

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