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September 22, 2012


Chinese hospitals introduce hands-free automatic 'sperm extractor' for donors

(Thanks to Ken Fineberg, who says, "I hope this thing knows when to shut off.")


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Does it function as you drive at 85 MPH? It may be a cheaper fine than the previous example posted. (She was head over heels for that guy?)

I would never leave the house again.....

I can hear the K-Tel commercial now..."Call before midnight tomorrow! But Wait! There's more!"

I suspect this was invented by a frustrated dairy farmer. And he's single, ladies.

I'm picturing the conveyer belt and Lucy and Ethel: "Speed it up a little!"

They'll be milking this for all it's worth.

Here in the US the gadget that is in the news is the new single use coffee machine from Starbucks. Next the Chinese will combine the two. No doubt the new single use coffee machine/sperm extractor will include a convenient shelf to rest your latte.

Thank you, and come again!

Yes, it really does suck!

I would never want the job of cleaning that thing!

And how do they know it works before they ship it out to the customer? One word: Eewwww!

can't...type...need tissue...for my eyes...

It won't be long untill there will be one in every bar in America, right next to the poker machines

"Automatic Sperm Extractor". ww NOT bagnfarb

Are Dave and Judi going to file this one under Productivity Enhancers?

Jeff, you forgot the obligatory geezer alert!

Oh, and *snork* at everyone.

This would have made the Prom a lot more fun.

Historical note: William Jefferson Kennedy Roosevelt Clinton would never have been censured if he'd had one of these machines.

I believe Dave's Christmas list just got a little longer, so to speak.

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