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September 13, 2012


Queens DA: 15 JFK Workers Stole 100,000 Tiny Booze Bottles

(Thanks to The Perts and Bill Hudgins)


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If my math works out, that's a loss of about $200 for each bottle. A bottle that they sell for $7 each.
Do these guys work for the government on the side?

Morons. What do they do, take them home and have half a dozen a night?

Key quote. "They are stunned that men hired to guard entry to the tarmac and to the planes are accused of taking bribes to overlook a crime." In Queens! Shocking.

Steve, you're missing the fact that they also stole cigarettes. At NYC prices, $20 Million is about 3 cartons of cigarettes.

they werent bright enuf to steal more of them. and sorrry, us govt workers dont steal this kinda stuff. we engage in honest graft. and you have to be an elected official for that.

Ah, max, that's probably it. I'm dating myself here because no one else will do it, but the last pack of smokes I bought, for a friend, cost 50 cents.

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