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September 25, 2012


Lady Gaga photographed posing on a toilet to share with fans


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Because I care, I bit the bullet and clicked on the link for all of you. Do NOT click on it unless you want to see Lady Gaga naked on a toilet while smoking a cigarette. (Lady Gaga is smoking, not the toilet) Your really classy singers like Frank Sinatra and the Rock Bottom Remainders never did this.

I've never much liked finding a 20 foot python in the toilet, but in this case, I have big hopes.

Not clicking.

'...a toilet to share with fans'

- so that would be a pubic toilet?

Lady Caca.

As long as she stays out of the NYC subway, I will be OK with this loo-ny.

Why would anyone want their picture taken on the toilet? The other problem with this picture is that it has a phone in the bathroom. So tacky.

She appears to be letting herself go to pot.

If we ignore this until she goes away we'll all be happier.

Ha Ho to Cheesewiz. Touche !

The key concept here after a good look at the photo is...... WHAT does she plan to share with her fans??

I think Lady Gaga is totally cool even if I am a geezer.
Phi Zappa Crappa everone!

So you can buy Oh, Crap!, the latest album by Miss Meat Dress?

No thanks, I'll pass. Self-respect does carry a price.

Do NOT let your children see this. What could she be thinking, posting a picture of herself with a cigarette?

What's the big deal? Even the Queen of England has to go Occasionally

big deal. zappa didi this in like, what, '68?

Bet a dollar she thinks, "...it don't stink".

Kind of a different take on Moon River ('Bye Andy)

Who does she think she is, Lyndon Johnson?

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