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September 25, 2012


They are not human.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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What's German for "While you're in the kitchen, could you bring me a beer?"

I'll probably lose my blog card for this but, poor little squirrel.

I've heard of flying squirrels but they're mostly a kind of large bat, this was a genuine German squirrel.

better run for your life if you can, little squirl

hide behind the garbage can, little squirl

runnin' from the camera man, like Wallenda, little squirl!

I'm with you, NC - it looked like the squirrel was out of its woolly mind with panic!

On the other hand - note the demonic-possession-like walking on walls as it crosses the room above the door....

(Sorry. My spouse talked me into watching The Devil Inside last night. This decade's Blair Witch Project, IMHO, but FREAKY!)


On the way down, do you think he was relieved he got out of that place, or thinking "Oh, $h!+, this is going to hurt!"

JD -- I think it was more like "Dies schien wie eine gute Idee zu der Zeit. Ich frage mich, ob ich am Ende werde auf YouTube."

@Snork lilgirl.

Saddened that the squirrel did not race up the uber camerman's pants leg.

OK, who's been teachin' the squirrels to do parkour?

Tree squirrels use their tails as parachutes to slow their downward acceleration, and have strong leg muscles that act as shock absorbers for their minimal body weight. A large ground squirrel like a woodchuck has a different anatomy, which is why woodchucks don't do Windows.

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