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September 23, 2012


Donald Trump is building a farting golf course.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Fore! BOOM!!

Boy I bet they'll ban smoking on this course.

Go to Germany on the AutoBhan and you will have fart whenever you want to get off.

There're gonna be some really big divots.

Given the number of geezers I see playing golf I doubt the level of gas is any higher than any of the courses in my area

You mean the "Ever-Classy Donald Trump (TM)", don't you?

The Don(Alden) already has the hot air and gas thing down pat so it'sa win win win.

This stupid so-called smart phone self-corrected The Donald.

The twin golf courses on either side of this will actually gain business.

You know, two, no Trump?

FWIW...Hydrogen sulfide not methane produces the fart odor.

"Looks like he plans to use his pooter, Jim."

Off topic, but I haven't found any posting on the blog about the man who jumped into the tiger area to pet a tiger and got mauled. I would have figured Dave would have something tood to say about that.

Gee what a lot of money for a golf course.

As a native Bronxite, I have to say this would probably be an improvement, odiferous-wise.

Aside to Mikey: In Germany, they're Fahrts. The Autobahn is loaded with 'em.

Well, couldn't be much worse than what comes outta da Donald's mouth.......

The Trump golf course is now under construction on top of a dump that was closed in 1963. The decomposing garbage that’s still underground creates methane, a highly volatile gas that’s been percolating under Ferry Point for years.

And this is The Donald's fault? OK, I'll buy that...

Light a match guys. Night golf.

Some guys just have all the luck, no question about it. Just like ol' Jed Clampett, tryin' to shoot some food, but instead finds a huge energy source.

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