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September 24, 2012


A dad sends his son's toy train into space.

(Thanks to Claire Martn)


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Love it! The expressions on Stanley's face were well done too. I'd sort of like to see Barbie make this trip.

Very cool... glad that they were able to recover the toy and the footage, or some therapist would get a lot of revenue

This isn't space. It is the upper atmosphere. Still cool, but very easy to do and not newsworthy. We don't need to hear about every Tom, Dick, or Harry and his weather balloon.

Anyway, still fun. My friends did this and lost the payload. So their little kid would have bawled his head off.

I tried launching Barbie into space once with a few bottle rockets. Not only did Barbie fail to launch, but her ass got singed, she had a few scratches and I was grounded for a week. Oh yeah, and my sister was traumatized, but she deserved it.

I launched myself into space in college once. Didn't reach the stratosphere, but the colors were nice while it lasted. Not so nice when I fell back down to earth.

Looked like Stanley plummeted to earth without a parachute. Can we do that to this guy?

And we wonder why kids grow up warped.

Amtrak would find a way to land hours late due to gravity breakdowns.

It's a lovely story, except for the Dad being sentenced to life in prison for killing a farmer, who was happily plowing his field of soybeans until a toy train crashed into his head at terminal velocity.

18 miles high when balloon burst... Long way to free fall...

Why am I thinking of a Byrds song?

If that was South Africa the train would've been late

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