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September 22, 2012


Newly Divorced Woman Launches Wedding Ring Into Space

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Let me know when they find a way to launch the ex-husband into space.

Wouldn't flushing it down the john have been easier? Some women just need too much attention.

Unless it was an awfully cheap ring it was worth at least a few hundred bucks. Unless she got one heck of a divorce settlement I'm just not with her on this one.

Wouldn't watching it getting melted down be satisfying enough?

That's what my ex-girlfriend did with hers.

I hope you weren't wearing it at the time Spiny Norman.

All the way into space? Seems unlikely. And I'm surprised the Kiwi equivalent of the FAA didn't have something to say about this if it got anywhere close that.

I'd like to lauch my ex into outer space. I'm keepin' the ring.

No, nc, I wasn't wearing it. Heh. She's my ex-girlfriend, not my ex-wife. I wasn't that foolish.

p.s. I realized how crazy she was before I went that far. (Bi-polar and NPD are not a good combination.)

q: Do you know why cannibals won't eat divorcees?
a: They're bitter.


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