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September 13, 2012


Tallest of the Mohicans.


(Thanks to The Perts and Jeff Meyerson, who's guessing he's single)


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His momma must be so proud.

DO they have to let the air out of his tires if he goes under a bridge?

Meanwhile, millions of Japanese vowed to practice conformity as a way to rebel against Kazuhiro Watanabe.

GOod one, Mikey.

Thanks Jeff.

How does he comb his hair ? Walk thru a doorway ? Talk to a girl ?

All I see are the number of reward miles I could snag for buying all that hair care glop.

*snips off hair, tries to make mustache*....

; {

Now I have seen a Hershey's Kiss on acid.

Is that what sperms look like up close?

Yabbut does he get FM?

Hair gel? Can I try some?

Hair raising.

As I am fully, geezer qualified, I can ask if anyone (in addition to Jeff) remembers Odells Hair Trainer? It could make your hair defy any or all physical laws and had to be a prototype for epoxy.

Having grown up with a bunch of other directionless yout' in Vancouver in the mid eighties punk/mod/rudeboy revival in western Canada, none of the hair products on the market today could keep that up... (well perhaps today they could) but most of the punks that I new had tried products they could afford... (which after the hairdye and bondage pants wasn't much I admit) and ended up resorting to the old tried and true stand by: egg whites and sugar, unwhipped. Worked excellent for hawks up to two feet high, but sadly, on cold windy days, you ran the danger of having your hawk break off in a crosswind.

The punks, mods, rude boys and non-nazi skins kept together in Vancouver because the Jocks, headbangers, preps and rednecks would roam around looking to kick the poop out of anyone who looked different. Me, I was a mod, till I realised they were all prats.

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