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September 22, 2012


A 46-year-old Waukesha man is facing charges after an off-duty cop jogging through the Pebble Valley neighborhood found the man having sex with an abandoned couch set on a curb, according to a criminal complaint.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who says, "Sofa, so good.")


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Maybe it was a love seat.

Sofa, so good!

For purposes of clarification, I would like to point out that Waukesha is a heavily Republican area that is a key area of support for Our Governor Scott Walker, and that this is not typical behavior for folks down there in that the suspect was not casting multiple votes for Walker during this tour.

I only Love my Carpet

I saw Curbside Incident open for Robot Tuna.

It says right there the couch was "abandoned". The hussy.

That's disgusting. You don't know where that couch has been.

It's not just good, it's Sofa King good!

Maybe he was looking for change under the cushions.

I sort of feel this way about my new care, but we're going to keep it platonic.

"care" is french for "car", je pense....

Le Dud,

Ah May we...

*snork* at "Sofa King good".

I allus thought of Waukesha as an exurb of Milwaukee. Claim to fame: my alma mater Carroll College, the oldest college in Wis -- except I gather it's a university now.

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