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September 25, 2012


Fat Lady urges Brits to eat Badgers

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Badgers? We don't eat no badgers. I don' hafta cook you no stinkin' badgers.

O -- truly a treasure.

Badger jerky might be a good substitute for bacon.

They don't call her The Fat Lady for nothing. Clearly she will eat anything.

No. Uh-uh. Ain't gonna happen. We've seen the teeth on English people.

And yes, since you mention it, I AM in fact a teensy bit peeved about the moronic incompetently befouled debacle of a sham of a travesty of an ironically detestable fiasco that occurred last night in place of the actual Packers victory. Thank you for asking!

it'll all be over when she sings

Dang fat lady better not show her face in Wisconsin.

Are you trying to say you disagree with the referee's call last night, padraig?

*agrees with padraig* - this whole season will suffer

Sooo ... I gather something bad happened to the Packers?

Omni -- I think we're badger baiting now.

I support introducing mimes as NFL referees. Or Chicago Symphony Orchestra members.

Wait, Pad's awake already? I figured he'd still be unconscious from the large amounts of beer he drowned his sorrows in. Amounts large enough to drown the refs in.

Is that what they're calling him, a referee? More like a blind butcher if you ask me.

its because of the bacon shortage....

After seeing her picture, I'd have to say that's probably going to be one of history's least successful product endorsements.

"Badgers have come under scrutiny amid fears they spread tuberculosis to cattle, which has led to the issue of a cull licence in Gloucestershire"

Yes, brilliant. Tuck in. Pass the Isoniazid.

Omni, the receiver on the other team had to cheat twice in order to win the game. First he shoved one defender out of the way. Then a second defender intercepted it, but he grabbed the ball away and pretended he caught it.

Lady you're no joy make a big noise
Played out on the screen used to eat a big ham some days
You got spuds on yo' face
A mental case
Lickin' your chops all over the place

We will we will cook you
We will we will cook you

Lady you have sung, man, scarred fans
Spoutin' 'bout the meat gonna bake up the culled some day
You got bones in yo' face
A stack of plates
Wavin' that badger all over the place

We will we will cook you
(Sing it!)
We will we will cook you

Lady with a fry pan Spam can
Pleadin' with your eyes for another piece today
You done picked up the pace
Can't wait for Grace
Not one leftover to be found in your place

We will we will cook you
(Sing it!)
We will we will cook you


We will we will cook you
We will we will cook you

This says it all:


A link for the cut & paste deprived.

Recipe: Badger badger badger mushroom snake.

I find myself muttering incantations like that in the mornings, most days. Doesn't seem to do any good.

Awesome job on that one, Meanie!

*waving the chicken leg I'm having for lunch back and forth over my head as I sing along with "We will we will cook you"*

*hoping my supervisor doesn't pop by and call for a mental evaluation. thinking i should close the door next time*

"Recipe: Badger badger badger mushroom snake"

Is that anything like
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock??

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