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September 25, 2012


Bizarre footage has emerged of a woman seemingly wetting herself and then taking a shower while travelling on a New York subway.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Doesn't seem all that unusual in the subway. Had she pulled out a rat to use for the scrubdown instead of a sponge, that might make news.

Well, at least she was concerned about her personal hygiene, she can't be all that crazy

Normally when you see some whackjob relieving themselves on the subway (oh yeah, it happens) the proper reaction is to move to another car, not pull out your phone to film the rest of the floor show.

a haikewww:

scurrying rodents
RATified my decision:


I didn't know New York had a P train.

its NOO YAWK!!! we have everything. and everyone. what is the problem?

I love New York!

From a safe distance.

It's New York; doesn't everybody...?

what, you expected her to take a shower in the middle of the street?

Bill Cosby's first album (c. 1964) has a track on it called "A Nut in Every Car", about the NYC subway.

It was true then; it's sure true now.

And it wasn't even the Flushing line.

Apparently cleanliness is next to the 8th Ave Express.

oh har, flushing line. good one. (my family lives in flushing!)

I'm planning on visiting NYC next Spring. I will not be riding the subway.

If you can tinkle there you can tinkle anywhere!

I would love to hear why she decided to take a shower on a subway in front of everyone? Was she strapped for time or did she not have a home to take one. Did no one say anything to her? Just amazing.

nc: The subways are far safer than many NYC taxis. Or restaurants. Or sidewalks. Just think of them as a Disney experience.

Theresa, one thing you learn here is never talk to the loonies. You never know which ones are just happy to talk with people who aren't there and which are armed and dangerous. In fact, it's better to not even look at them except out of the corner of your eye.

Free advice from a native.

Thanks Ralph. Jeff Meyerson doesn't know it yet but I've decided he can be my personal driver.

Meanie, there's a # 1 line. And don't take the # 2.

I wonder if TLC has already signed her up to a reality show?

Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, followed by "An Hour in the Shower" (Which was actually a song by Chicago, circa 1972).

Was this Lady Caca? Before or after the classy toilet photo?

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