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September 25, 2012


7:57 p.m. A man on Flathead Drive complained that his weird roommates boarded up the living room.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Big deal. My weird roommates lay around the house all day and lick my face. Of course they're dogs but still!

A man’s wireless mouse was stolen while at the public library in Kalispell.

And where is so-called Homeland Security, huh?

Forget this guy, I want the website with the provocative pictures. Columbia Falls women are notoriously hot. By Montana standards.

Really abnormal roommates would board up the door to the basement.

I think the Blotter in Flathead County must not really be of the Police variety.

So is Flathead Drive the epicenter of the surreal universe known as Flathead County?

"12:11 p.m. An extraordinarily intoxicated man called 911 from a local grocery store to ask for help with his drinking problem."

Has kind of a RICHARD CORY sadness about it.

Kinda makes you wonder what the denizens of Flathead County would make of certain New York subway riders... and vice-versa!

This is NOTHING. My alma mater has been voted best Party School by Playboy!!!!!

Maybe the roommates knew it was an extreme case of "you might want to give it a few minutes".

At least you're allowed to shower and pee on the NY subway.

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