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September 13, 2012


In most cases, what you get actually looks like bait.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)



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"... in a squashed doughy bun."

Here we go with squashed cheeseburgers, again. Maybe this is a trend or something?

David Chang's new Soho restaurant: Momofuku Squashed Ssam Bar.

They ought to do that with clothes.

They should show what a certain outfit looks like on a real woman, not some anorexic 15 year old.

On some clothes they should put a sign,"If you wear this size you SHOULD not wear this style."


"Spandex is NOT your friend."

GUYS! If you think that "size matters" only applies to you take a look as some size 16 trying to get into a size 10 because she refuses to wear a size 16.

Isn't it always the same thing though: wedding day vs marriage; candidate vs elected official; the golden years vs. actual retirement ? At least the reality hamburger pictures look good enough to eat.

I've had a few Big Mac's that looked like the "buy" pictures. Never had one that looked like the advertised picture though. The Baconator looks disgusting and I like bacon.

Wha...Wha....you mean advertising isn't accurate ? Next you're going to tell me pro-wrestling isn't real ?

There's nothing new under the Sun

Thanks Jan. There goes what was left of my innocence.

The saddest part of this article is that the woman doesn't even sound embarrassed about her dishonesty. Caveat emptor fur shur.

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