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September 21, 2012


Woman says pubic hair, eatery says string

(Thanks to Omniskeptic, who says "let's call the whole thing off.")


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"Ma'am, how can you be sure? Are you in the regular habit of eating pubic hair? Not that there's anything wrong with that of course."

A vagitarian?

I'm glad we're talking food and not yoyos.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa at Layzee. otherwise, um, ewww.

Guess the state? Is 60 cockroaches a lot?

Please, I'm trying to eat here

I always just have beer at bars. A perk of keeping kosher is you are never tempted by the seedy food.

Elon, pubic hairs aren't kosher?

wwell, as someone who grew up kosher and could still do it if she wanted to, i would say that pubic hairs are not kosher because of their proximity to naughty bits. and also, eww.

Thanks for clearing that up. My ex kept kosher. That explains her lack of "adventure" in that area. IYKWIM

All part of a pubic education.

har layzee, and i wont tell you the other stuff that has to do with being kosher. and dont axe.

Tamales are not the first thing I think of as kosher food, pubic hairs or not.

Erm, there actually is a way to kosherize cow bull naughty bits, but now is probably not the best time to bring that up.

There were probably much worse things in the tamale....if you have ever watched them made you know what I mean.

Me thinks she ate the whole (not "hole")thing and was just looking to avoid the tab.

And who among us has not had a pubic hair in their mouth? A friend of mine was at the dentist's when hers was discovered.

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