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September 24, 2012


In a case of how not to do your job, a flight attendant forgot she had a loaded gun in her handbag when she passed through security at Philadelphia International Airport, and a police officer then accidentally fired the weapon while trying to unload it.

(Thanks to Not my Usual Alias)


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Officer Fife, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Apparently it's only the pilots who are not allowed to drink before a flight.

Ai-yi-yi. A Darwin award winner waiting to happen!

I used to think it was silly to screen the pilots and flight attendants. Now I'm inclined to forcible body-searching them.

Guin, I'll hold the pilots down and check them out.
I don't know why I'm saying things like that. Last week I was in an accident and I'm still trying to get over a concussion so maybe that's why but I'm beginning to think some of you are just a bad influence on me! I use to be so innocent.

Understandable. The flight attendants on that Detroit/Philadelphia/Newark three-way shuttle have to be prepared to repel boarders. It's kinda like sailing through Somali waters.

NC your ID (as in Freud) has been allowed to express itself withouth that pesky superego always telling it what not to do. Rest up and If you need some men to attack I'm sure the guys on this blog will man-up.

The important thing is that the bullet is not in the chamber anymore. Now we just need to get it out of Smith.

Cindy, my favorite recent pilot was a woman. She got on the loudspeaker and announced that she was "real excited" because this was her first flight ever! Then she said she was kidding and told us her life story.

As a child she told the teacher she wanted to be a pilot and was told she couldn't do that as there were no women pilots of commercial airliners. The first was a couple of years later.

By the way, it was a great flight and one of the smoothest landings we've ever had.

The TSA officer AD'd a revolver?! That ain't easy to do.

"Are you done packing?"


Omni, we've had enough of your slanted commentary.

No, Omni. The TSA goon couldn't even figure out how to open the cylinder. He called a police officer, who then very professionally committed a negligent discharge*. With a revolver. My guess, based on association with several cops with truly scary firearms safety skills (I used to be a cop until my fellow officers scared me away), is that he hit the cylinder release thinking that's the same as a mag relese on an autoloader, swung (probably flipped Hollywood-style) the cylinder closed, and expected the rounds to have been ejected. Followed by booger-hooking the trigger for no freaking rational reason whatsoever.

(* As opposed to the non-firearm discharges that Thousands of Sexual Aggressors are noted for.)

I'm not sure what booger-hooking is, but using it on this blog is like yelling movie in a crowded firehouse.

And as I said, that ain't easy to do. You have to be, as a friend of mine used to say about the crew of idiots she worked with, "talented and creative."

Sorry for breaking the blog. I have to stop posting from a tablet with an on-screen keyboard.

We will not tolerate anyone mentioning that both of these people were women of the female persuasion.


booger-hook: the manual digit used to remove clots of mucous from one's nose
booger-hooking: to apply one's finger inappropriately
usage: Yo, Cletus! Keep yer booger-hook offa the bang switch* until -- BLAM --- ...yer on target. Dumb@ss.

bang switch: the trigger of a firearm

Basically, the dipstick cop violated every single rule of safe firearms handling there is. With an emphasis (or deemphasis, depending on how you look at it) on Rule 3.

And what if the firefighters are watching Backblast?

Why does a police officer's inability to safely unload a gun not fill me with a whole lotta confidence?

Booger-hooker has now become my go-to insult.

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