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September 26, 2012


Reckless driver tells cop squirrel was eating him

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard, Steve Lancaster and Ed Floden)

(Here's a better link)

Of course this item is not JUST about the squirrel, because of course Dave already posted that. So it's really about this item, describing alligators at kids' pool parties, sent in by W. von Papineau and Jeff Meyerson. Unless Dave already posted it too, in which case it will be about something else entirely, very soon.


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Must... not... post... nut... joke...

1. The guy has a pet squirrel

I don't think we need any more evidence.

Is it Groundhog Day?

Another Squirrel that has been commented upon before.

Also: Gators at pool parties? What could possibly go wrong!

A speaker appearing at an area law school that shall remain nameless ("Go Valpo!") asked a colleague for pictures of pets that could be used as part of a presentation. The person indicated that librarians might have some different choices that might be interesting.

I sent a picture taken at eye level of a 'gator from Shedd Aquarium. I hope the picture wins the unusual pet criteria, other than it not exactly being a pet.

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

No Judi - he didn't post the rent-a-gator pool party thing. At least I don'tthink so.

leave judi alone -

♫'she's just a squirl.....she's a blog....
she's just a squirl.....she's a blog....
She's just a squirl, just a squiiiiiiiiirl....'

For those that don't know, JJeff Meyerson is Jeff Meyerson's evil twin.

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