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September 12, 2012


Strip clubs among cleanest kitchens in Tampa Bay

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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*Refrains from box lunch and tossed salad references*

Because those would be tasteless.

They have kitchens in these places ? (Please....no comments about a raw bar.....)

Well, sure the kitchens are clean. It's the tables that are dirty from the girls dancing on them.

I would never be a nekked fry cook!

Wow... Great entertainment AND healthy. Take the whole fam damly.

"a single violation for "encrusted material on a can opener."

In other negative advertisement news:

Obama is enjoying a five-point bounce in Gallup Poll ratings after the Democratic Convention. They deployed a brilliant message. Democrats convinced TV viewers that qualifying for food stamps is a sign that you're better off now than you were four years ago.

"Well we are not your father's gentleman's club anymore, ..."

Sir, you cain't talk about ma Daddy that-a-way. Choose your weapons.

Please fight out politics on another blog.

But the restrooms are filthy.

Note to married, male, blog guys. The excuse, "But honey they have the cleanest kitchens in the area!" still is not a valid argument to use with your wives.

NC, You shattered our hopes. I guess now I shouldn't bother sending her the article. Damn!

But cindy, I was going to say that exact thing.


I hear the girls in those places are very good at keeping knobs polished.

I wonder if it is related to the cleanshaven trend popular among strippers. Less hair is less likelihood of finding hair in your food.

"a single violation for "encrusted material on a can opener."
That takes me back to my start as a health inspector. I marked that, among other violations, at a little burger place. The manager figured out very quickly that if I didn't see it, I couldn't mark it.
For the next 22 years, there was a sign up telling employees to throw the thing in the sink if the health inspector came to visit.
I could read the sign, but I couldn't prove a thing about that can opener.
Did I just give something away?

Would this the appropriate venue to say that you can't spell Reince Preibus without "pubic resin"?

No? I guess I'll need a new venue.

This is the reason I gave up eating at Hooters. They used to serve something called "Four Skins". I only hope it came from a chicken!

random, we'll balance that out by mentioning that "Joe Biden" requires all the requisite letters for "I need job."

Fairness doctrine, don't ya know.

I am resolved, however, not to point out that "Mitt Romney" easily converts to "Inert Tommy." Because that would be WRONG. But I had the anagram page going, and it was all warmed up...


Hey, I didn't say anything except the....restrooms....are.....


I would not order the hot dog or taco.

Trouble comes easy 'round here, Wolfie.

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