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September 03, 2012


Drive-by Tebowing

(Thanks to Rick Chandler)


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Get a rope!

Or better yet, tar and feathers.

What exactly is a Tebowing? I think this kid was out in the sun too long.


...a man was driving by and stopped his car, got out, and clotheslined him off of his riding mower. The while on top of him, the man Tebowed.

Would it be a stretch to wonder if alcohol was involved, or if the perp is a Jackass fan. Did he have a buddy in the car recording it?

The questions go beyond WTF?

Just found out that an Israeli famous for playing dumb blondes had an affair with Gaddafi's son and wants him spared. I heard of method acting, but she took this way too far.

Don't know if alcohol was involved, but it sounds like they were both on grass.

If you know what on earth this story is talking about, please don't tell us. I'm ashamed enough that I know that Mr. Tebow is some kind of athlete, apparently. Curling, or hockey, or golf -- something like that.

Now that I think of it, I was unaware of Honey Boo Boo until the topic came up here. The question would seem to be not, "Is our old Bozos lerning?" but "What is they lerning and is it a good idea?"

Only in America.

And only if it pops up on youtube.

Not forgetting we now have to post pictures of ourselves Eastwooding.

Jan, I avoid talking to empty chairs.
It would confirm my wife's suspicions.

Your wife thinks you are Neil Diamond? That is pretty awesome.

No, she's been watching ever since I yelled at those clouds.

Steve, here you go.

So, in a nutshell after Tebowing the assailant AmiliaEarharted.

Thanks for that, Jan. My favorite question (one of them, anyway):

When you walk down a street [do] people usually cross over the road or press themselves against a wall?

I got a 17. Only mildly nuts, which pretty much confirms what my friends all think...

Jan, you'd have to be insane to read all those questions, even if you don't wear a hat.

I read them all and scored almost 11%.
Yea, me!
I think.
I may need to study more.

Never in a zillion years am I sharing my score.

Aw, come on, Jan. I got 14%. You can tell us; we won't tell anyone. Much.


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