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September 25, 2012


A University of Tennessee fraternity is facing suspension after an alleged "alcohol enema" incident at the chapter's house on campus over the weekend.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Maybe they ran out of eels.

I wonder if the young men realize that once they get old enough to get well-paying jobs that folks like me perform background checks.

For males, I check local police records for where they went to college and anywhere else they lived between the ages of 18-25 as well as the previous ten years.

Ever wanted to explain to your family that you were passed over for another candidate because you gave an alcohol enema in college?

will an alcohol enema give you a bar stool?

ligirl, admit it, you've been waiting for years for the right time to use that line.

I think we'll all look back on this as a learning experience, won't we? We survivors, that is?

No snork, ligirl, just a "pause in awe"!

Thank goodness I went to a school like UNC-Chapel Hill where hijinks were frowned upon. Big Brother how far back do you go with those background checks anyway?

Fortunately all my hijinks resulted in no paperwork. Well, none that can be tied to me, anyway.

NC --
Not sure what tools BB uses, but I can check back for Mary Todd Lincoln's arrest records. Juvie records are usually sealed, but just about anything else can show up -- and that's without NCIC.

I saw Alcohol Enema open for Santana.

My college cram sessions were never like this!

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