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September 17, 2012


B.O. should rebound this weekend

(Thanks to Bill Trent)


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- haven't the pollsters always given him the edge?

That was so close to English it wasn't funny.
Well, maybe a little bit.

I thought this might be a story of the race between BO and MR, also known as BHO and WMR, but we can't call him BHO because that would be racist.

They are, after all, running for Potus, or should I say, Pyotus.

Actually, that's W"M"R. And how is BHO worse than BO?

"Last weekend Stateside B.O. dropped to its lowest point in about a decade."

You couldn't say that during either convention.

B.O. and rat consumption were both WAY up then.

Gonna need more Febreze and candles.

There's the last-mentioned candidate, "Barfi!".

Maybe I need a new bumper sticker.

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