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September 13, 2012


Josh Sankey Will Travel Across America Using Only Bacon as Money

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I would volunteer to be his driver.
Then I could dump his..., make that dump him at a rest area and go have lunch.
It might kill me. But I'm willing to take that chance.

I saw that this morning and thought, "Dave will be all over this one."

I'm glad to see my instincts were correct.

It's JUST crazy enough to work!

Now hold on a minute. He's got a ton and a half of bacon with him, and he's going to barter for food? Someone is missing something here. Maybe it's me, but this time, I doubt it.

Or, the bacon isn't all that good. Considering the source, that's a possibility.

Seems like sled dog would be a better mode of transportation with all that bacon. Ohhh wait, I just had a flashback of TO BUILD A FIRE by Jack London......

O'er the ham parts we watched....

I read his name as "Stankey". Which, in a fairly short time, will be appropriate.

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