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August 08, 2012


A small black puppy was stirring up trouble in someone's yard on Cougar Trail.

This has been your Flathead County terror update of the day.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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A staple gun was reported stolen from a Marion business.
Call DHS! And ATF! And TLA!

My advice to the man from Conrad Point would be to move to the relatively safer environs of Mogadishu.

Does anyone have Hell's Angels telephone number? I know a couple of people that need attitude adjustments. It sounds to me like the Conrad Point man is jealous because he wasn't invited to go jet skiing. And then they had to rub his face in it by throwing a party and a wedding. Where is Matt Dillon when you need him?

One plus to city living: we live close enough together than no one knows which neighbor called the cops.

Those darn puppies! At least it wasn't kittens or cygnets or a leptocephalus or a polliwog, not to mention a puggle!

I saw Small Black Puppy open for Unofficial Condom.

Was this the stapler?

It's mine!

-- Milton Waddams


EXCUSE ME! But that stapler was on MY desk? (giving the LOOK)

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