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August 20, 2012


Want to persuade Flamingos to mate? Play them Barry White and Marvin Gaye

By "works for us," we do not mean that we mate with flamingos. To the best of our recollection.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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I'd rather just "give 'em the bird!"

Any studies saying what happens when you play them Barry Manilow music?

They fall in love with the woman of their dreams, and wind up getting married 6 months later?

(Sorry, that's what happened to me when I met the future Mrs. PirateBoy and took her to see Barry Manilow in Vegas)

Hey...cut the flamingos a break. Afer all, their only protection against predators is to find a construction site with exposed insulation and huddle against it for camoflage...

But have you ever woken up naked next to a flamingo in an unfamiliar city?

This will also work.

Flamingo pick-up line, "Hey, baby, do those legs go all they way up?"

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