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August 22, 2012


Jail's gardening scheme backfires as prisoners grow pot

(Thanks to jon harris)


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pot plants are spotted? who nu?

Oh, wow. We surrender, le dude.

'Saint-Martin-de-Re' prison?

they must enjoy de-Re air


I'd be real suspicious when they want to grow Poppies.

of courrrrse zay are leeelies.... why would you sink anything else, mon ami...?

should have stuck with some of the low height indica strains, even a French prison guard is going to notice a 5' tall plant. not that I know anything about growing marijuana, I just read it somewhere.

Pot! The outrage! I thought they'd plant a nice flower garden, filled with poppies.

I seem to remember...I mean I was told that pot makes time seem to slow down. That might be a conflict, but you probably wouldn't care.

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