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August 23, 2012


Farmer bites cobra to death in Nepal

(Thanks to Kathleen Higgs)


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Cobra sushi: that rural, Nepali treat.

Cobra-roni. That Nepali Treat!

Personally, in vicious attacks, I prefer defending myself against Kentucky fried chickens.

Installing a sturdy breathalizer on his rickshaw is a viable option. If PETA has anything to say about these matters concerning, "you'll never guess what apparently was involved...besides a cobra".

We need this guy in the Everglades.

Betsy -- Sounds like grounds for an HB-1 visa

Journailism 101: If a cobra bites man, it's not news. But if man bites cobra, that's a news story

Cobra Helper, when you need helping teeth

Does this method if one is attacked by lawyers?

Oops. Throw a "work" into my prior post. You know where.

I'm just not going to say a word. Really. "A snake charmer told me ..." Oh, for ...

Let that be a lesson to you, cobras.

Don Prudhomme was not amused . . .

NMUA - Good thinking!

Don't put that snake in your mouth! You don't know where it's been.

Farmers. That never say die is one of our best qualities.

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