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August 02, 2012



(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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I have been in a room with various musical instruments: a piano, a tuba, an electric guitar, a ukulele, a harmonica, a banjo, and many others. If I were in a fit of rage, seeking to hurt another person, I might not exercise good judgement on which musical instrument to deploy. But I still think I wouldn't deploy the ukulele.

Ukuleles should definitely be registered.
And bagpipes! Bagpipes look like an octopus on Viagra, anyway.

In Japan, only shakuhachi attacks are allowed. The more damage to the instrument during the assault, the better.

an ukelele??


I thought you always used 'an' before a word starting with a vowel, like 'we live in an universe' or 'don't eat with your fingers, use an utensil.' Wait...that doesn't, like, sound right and stuff.

right, dave-a-mohel - like 'what's an uranus?'

(i dunno - what's in yours??)

...the ukulele beating caused substantial injuries.

Hunh. It must have been one of those solid-body electric ukuleles.

(Nice 60s cartoon flashback there, ligirl.)

Usually, it's the person playing the ukelele who gets attacked.

It could have been worse. It could have been a set of Bongo drums.

Did you see the article promo at the bottom ? "Semen can cure morning sickness." Now I'm sick. I was contentedly reading a feel-good article about ukelele violence and they print that. Whats the world coming to ?

LeDud, I agree. It's an article no doubt written by a father-to-be who's got a little pent up frustration these days.

As Mr. Language Person is slacking off working in London, allow me. "An" is used when the beginning sound (not letter) is a vowel sound. (i.e., an honor). For a word beginning with a "u" that begins with the "yu" sound, which is "y," we use "a." (i.e., a utensil). A "u" that has the "oo" sound requires "an." Since the Hawai'ian pronunciation is "oo-ku-leh-leh" not "yu-ku-lay-li," the Honolulu paper would assume its readers pronounce it the correct way, which calls for "an."

We now return to our regularly scheduled tomfoolery.

The only thing more dangerous than an ookalele is a accordion. Or perhaps an pipe organ.

So it's anukelele. Got it.


on a serious note - i really love THIS guy

I just hope Mr. Language Person stays away from the women's water polo matches. I understand there was a display of boobage on TV last night during one of their matches. LeDud, obviously the article you're referring to was written by a non-pregnant male.

Thanks, cindy. I have it DVR'd so when I watch it I'll have my finger on the pause button.

ligirl, right. Iz was a treasure. "Chimeny".

JSG - that's where you'll find me ;)

Ligirl was quick on the draw there.

Wow, ligirl, thanks for introducing me, at least, to an amazing singer?

Take the "?" off the above. It started out as a different comment and mutated going 'round the reactor.

They should string him up for this offense!

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