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August 22, 2012


Badly Stuffed Animals.

Story here.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A deer in a wedding dress has to be a first. I anxiously await the pundits.

Anyone? Bueller?

And I'm fairly certain I saw 'Badly Stuffed Animals' open for Ted Nugent.

Sit up Spot, now stay! Good boy.

He's got some nasty teeth. Rip you apart.

ubetcha -

they no doubt spent a lot of doe on the wedding, (& the stag party...)
- but they got alotta bang for the buck


*snork* (as always) at ligirl

I think they missed one.

Maybe they were just really ugly animals.

Penalty flag thrown at ligirl. Those were awful (as I laugh)

the geniouses at my work have it blocked.

I hate geniouses. They're almost as bad as boffins.

Far sadder than the stuffed expired animals are the stuffed live ones, Jeff!

At least the dead ones can't hear the laughter (or the cries of disgust)...

Definitely not Chuck Testa.

Who here would volunteer to be night watchman at that museum?

The regular animals used to be the irregular animals, but thanks to a judicious application of laxatives, they got better.

Some of these are from here and here.

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