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August 02, 2012


The Cocke County town of Parrottsville discovered the source of its drainage problem last week: 27 basketballs.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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My kids might be responsible for two of the footballs, two basketballs and about a dozen soccer balls.

Look kids!
Sewer balls!

It's good that they love the kids around there. That's pretty specific; do they dislike kids elsewhere?

"Last November, the town opened a new basketball court."

Maybe they can teach passing and catching?

No one bothered to make the joke that Cocke blamed the balls for drainage problems? Too low-brow?

I can remember playing baseball in the streets in the hills around Pittsburgh PA. If a ball got loose and started rolling down the street....look out, it sometimes ended up in the sewer. I don't think a basketball would fit those sewer openings.

Do 50-year-old basketballs that have been stewing in a storm drain for that long even bounce? Yeah, they really love their kids. You won't be seeing any NBA recruiters in Cocke County anytime soon.

Oh, come on. The town of "Parrotsville," in "Cocke County," has a problem with "balls?"

I ain't buyin' it.

Cocke County? Seriously? Is that their logo Dave is posing with on yesterday's thread?

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