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August 01, 2012


Serously: What were they thinking?

Olympic Thing



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Is it a tooth?

That is the guy that sits on my shoulder and convinces me to have another beer.

Dave, you look like you're about to stuff that thing into the bag you're clutching.

Come on, Dave. It wants a hug.

Don't worry, it's wearing gloves. If you love it, glove it.

Dave, clap three times if you believe in Pecker Bell.

Meanwhile, in ping pong, Ding Ding's bringin' the zing to this wingding for the big gold bling.

Honest, she is. She's ama--------zing.

p.s. I heard Sophie tried to shake hands with one of the mascots and Dave grounded her.

"They" were obviously smoking some really really bad crack.

Is there a moile in the house?

Or mohel, if you like.

Dave's so scared part of his hair is standing on end.

The take-home is clear: Never allow English schoolboys to design your mascot.

The artists complained that they were under Durex, but with their muffled voices and the language barrier, the IOC misunderstood the problem.

That thing is seriously disturbing. It looks....angry. And possibly hungry. Maybe they're saying "The Olympics have been taken over by aliens from outer space?"

They must have been thinking with their . . . . their . . . . aw, just look at the logo.

Shame on you Mr Barry - every Londoner knows that the Scary Golden Cyclops Thing is the official mascot of Dorking


They must have been thinking with their . . . . their . . . . aw, just look at the logo.

Ya mean that "Lisa Simpson" thing?

:: nudge-nudge ::

Has there ever been a decent, normal looking Olympic Mascot, ever? Seems every Olympic artist tries to outdo the last in creepy stupidity.

Everyone's attention seems to have been diverted from another WTF -- The Blog's shirt. Seriously: what happened to the blue ones?

What did you expect from a country that has (I swear I am not making either of these things up) a dessert called "spotted dick" and a town called Walton-on-the-Naze?

Although the UK makes a superb handful of artisanal cheeses, one or two really great beers, and -- heretofore -- the world's standard for good-looking if not well-running motorcycles, they have never been known for their excellence in software, mechanical engineering, or clever marketing. And they're holding true to form.

And I want it noted that, throughout this whole painful ding-dong-dang episode, I have not once mentioned Tong Thing.

had to buy a new shirt because all teh blue ones were in the laundry???

As a Brit transplanted into Canada, I now see from afar what Omni's getting at. Also, my Dad bought a Scott motorbike after getting demobbed from the WWII. After he retired he bought another (a clunker if ever there was one) and spent many happy hours bringing it back to life. What's more, there's a Ding Dong Google Doodle today.

Face it, Walter has come to life. RUN

The mittens keep it from playing with itself.
Poor thing.

He reminds me of the Alpha Centaurian Ambassador from Doctor Who.

Speakng of The Simpsons is that Kane or Kodos?

'Tis beyond help.

Dave's facial expression here is PRICELESS!

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