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August 06, 2012


The 100-meter scuttle

DB front view (cropped)

(Photo by Miss Sophie Barry)


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Scuttling Football could be an interesting event in a museum. What could go wrong?

Best museum tour ever! Dave could also tour the S&M museum, now that he's accustomed to being addressed as "COCKROACH!"

Something bugs me about this photo.

We're gonna need a bigger can of Raid.

I wanna see him scuttle.

Nice blue shirt, Dave. Get it a Harrod's?

Very Kafkaesque. I have to say though that Miami has larger cockroaches than that.

That was nice of ( insert name of your least favorite US politician here ) to loan the museum his suits for the tour.

Do they sell the costumes in the gift shop? I can have it shipped to a colleague for them to put in their company's pouch to get it to America.

Sadly, this was Sophie's second photo. Looking good Dave and another great shot Sophie!

So where's Dave? And why so many photos of that one-eyed Olympic-mascot thing? DOes Dave own a piece of the "trademark"?

Captain Cockroach to the rescue!

So I gather the only way to prevent leaving the Earth to the cockroaches is to live like cockroaches? I may be unclear on the concept.

"Skywalker! I am your father!"

I hope Dave went down to the basement of the museum and saw the cutaway high-flow toilet they have down there. It comes complete with a fake turd in it that you can flush.
The actual best part of the museum is hidden away in a wing that houses all sorts of terrific ship and engine models. It doesn't look like it's been updated since the 1950's and it is blessedly free of environmental consciousness.

The woman in the background appears to be giving her commentary. Good catch Sophie!

Commercials during the Olympics (TM, used without permission, all rights reserved, foreign and domestic. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.) bug me, too.

Dave, such a good picture. Maybe in another life you will come back as a cockroach. Then you will be able to see first hand the life of a cockroach.(Funny)

Don't run the time approaches
Hotels and midnight coaches
Be sure to hide the roaches....

If you are scuttle impaired do you get to ride a roach coach (which BTW, is also Jerry Sandusky's nickname).

What kind of reception do you get with those twin antennas? Or antennae, if we're British roaches?
(Although I suspect Floridian, since some of those are big enough to serve at Thanksgiving).

Ooooo - Kay, then.

Clean out under the fridge, please, while you're under there.

I think we need to resurrect those efforts to build a better roach trap

OMG so funny! i am loving the daily Dave columns, miss his regular column so much...

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