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August 20, 2012


U.S. valedictorian denied high school diploma for saying ‘hell’ in speech

(Thanks to The Perts)


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What the h-e-double hockey stick ?!

Well, sh!t.

I suggest the principal take the stick out of his @ss.

Dear Prague High School Administrators,
I am sorry as heck that I said hell. I don't know what the heck I was thinking by even saying hell. Who the heck knows? I also do not agree with the popular opinion that you are all a bunch of duck heads who are going to Hell. Please give me my diploma, morons.
Kaitlin Nootbar

They are known as the Red Devils so they are very sensitive about anyone referring to their place of origen in a derogatory manner. Completely understandable.

Is schools learning?

Isn't Kaitlin's name kinda contrary to this blog's strict policy?

What once started as the result of litigation, a number of high schools in the Chicago area have eliminated Valedictorian and Salutorian titles. I recall one news story several years ago where several were named to the number one spot, a number that had to be changed as more parents brought lawyers (or brought themselves as lawyers) to the office to indicate the HUGE HUGE HUGE impact of little Johnny or Suzy not being added to the list.

Her speech was a riff on a scene from the popular vampire movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
I'm sorry, the valedictorian's address is based off of Twilight? That's reason enough to deny her the diploma.

https://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=les%3Beqrwrth&gs_nf=1&gs_mss=valedectorian%20&tok=p1nNi6FWYX8xdioIZEjf8g&cp=17&gs_id=1n&xhr=t&q=valedictorian+lawsuit&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=valedectorian+law&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=3a3b7bc5f354e183&biw=1365&bih=755 For those who want to see this year's crop.


NMUA, this is nothing new. When I graduated in a HS class of just 400, nearly half a century ago, there was just one titled speaker (Valedictorian) from the graduating class. Two years later when my younger sister graduated, there were 5.

Apparently the increase was warranted by the vastly larger graduation class of 412!

Several years ago I went to my brother's graduation from Western Carolina University. It went on for almost three hours. There were graduates with so many sashes on they could barely stand up and of course they explained each and every sash and achievement of the graduates. I've always thought the perfect graduation would consist of the principal or university president saying, "We've done all we can. Your diplomas are on the table over there. Good luck." Then all the graduates would rush over, grab their diplomas, and then go to a nice restaurant with their family. It would take twenty minutes tops.

@nursecindy: But if they did what you suggested, the graduates' families wouldn't be able to blow air horns and scream so loud that the next person's name is inaudible, and...oh, wait; that makes sense now.

What nc said.

Hell, go to the school district web site;


They have a Devil, with a Pitchfork on it!!! What the hell is with them?

The college graduations from Big U were much more intimate affairs. The main graduation was held at the football stadium where the emcee would say "Graduates with last names starting with A, stand up" and progress through the alphabet.

They used to have people stand by major, but too many Liberal Arts majors ended up being mocked.

One of my crowning achievements of my academic career (with 120+ graduate credits) was that I corrupted the valedictorian of my high school by getting him the only B in his entire career. We tried to score as close to an 89.6% in Junior English to have it round up to an A. He missed it by that much, to quote Maxwell Smart.

Hw went on to become one of the top ear, nose & throat doctors in the Pacific Northwest. I'm not sure if the contract on my life put out by his mother has expired or not.

So if we use 'swear words' such as these in our everyday discourse can our high schools revoke our diplomas and all the rights thereto?

Son of a Principal.

There are worse words than that.

Cindy, I completely agree with you. Graduations are horrible.

What the heck, you're not allowed to refer to Michigan?

So, when your city is warmer than their city, you can't say you're hotter than Hell?

But she learned a very valuable lesson: adults are jerks.

The PRINCIPAL said "You ain't getting it?" Is our principals morons?

This one clearly is.

Hell, MI, is near here, and I've always wanted to own some land on the way there, so that I could put up signs saying "Road paved with good intentions next 2 miles."

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